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What is Psychological Therapy?


Psychological therapy is where people utilise their feelings, thoughts and behaviour (their mental processes) to alter the way that they behave, think or feel negatively. Psychological therapy aims to resolve people’s issues, concerns and emotional distress through conversation and interaction as opposed to through drugs. Psychological therapy has evolved greatly and it continues to be an area of much development.

The origins of psychological therapy were focused on introspection and reviewing the past but modern psychological therapy owes more towards aiming at goals. There is a need to move beyond the negative elements in life and look to making a positive change towards the things that will make people happier.

Tim Martin is a fully qualified Master NLP Practitioner who has been personally trained by Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna. Use of NLP is widespread in sport and it has been at the heart of two of the biggest sports stories of the new millennium. Tiger Woods was a devotee of NLP since the age of 10 and Andy Murrays success at Wimbledon, where he become the first British Male Champion for 77 years, owes a lot to the use of NLP by coach Ivan Lendl.

Psychological therapies, such as NLP, can be used to bring about personal and professional development. Whether you are looking to perform better or you wish to remove negative behaviour and emotions from your life, working with a fully qualified NLP Master can provide you with the tools for success.

One of the reasons that NLP is so successful is that its workshop method provides a short cut to success. A few sessions with Tim Martin can provide a greater return than months of sessions utilising a less effective approach. The fact that NLP is recognised as a safe and effective form of psychological therapy should ensure that it is open to everyone in need of personal or professional improvement.


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