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Welcome to my new blog!

Hi, Welcome to my blog, you will see a shiny new interface to the web site.


I hope you like the format of the blog and the contents, which have been chosen to really help you, your family and friends to deal with a whole host of questions and issues that I deal with daily at 1 Harley Street.

For those of you that have not met me it really is worth you popping over to the about Tim page to know more about what I am about and my interesting therapy journey …….

I thought I would give you an intro as to how I work with my clients.

Previously I was a senior Detective with The Metropolitan Police….Oh I hear some of you say and great I hear others say… I do feel the need to say I was always a very ‘open minded and very ‘practical’ type of “Copper” I was also one of the pioneers in the very early 80’s with regards to “Drug rehabilitation” and referral schemes.

During my investigative years I spent much time collaborating with social services and ‘other’ agencies as well as dealing with family and organisational dynamics.

This has all added to the mix and enabled me with my therapy and management / leadership qualifications to be in a position to bring a hell of a lot of experience to the table when helping my lovely clients at the practice….

For many of you who come to me the valuable insights and experiences will become a real asset to you going forwards.

My aim in writing this blog is to share with you the knowledge I have gained so that the top tips, practical exercises or recommendations make a real impact on your life as I have done for so many other people over the 16 years.


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