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Reasons to Quit Smoking

Hi, I get so many requests to assist people to quit smoking so I thought I would cover this early on with my new blog. We have all been given plenty of exceedingly valid reasons to quit smoking – health and finances being among the top. However, for most smokers this doesn’t seem to be enough.

Why do people smoke?

Various reasons are cited by smokers for smoking – ‘I enjoy it’, ‘it relaxes me’, ‘it helps me concentrate’ etc. However, it is likely that the real reason is nicotine addiction.

Ask yourself the following:

Did you enjoy your first ever cigarette, or did you have to work to become addicted?
Were you able to relax prior to being a smoker?
Were you able to concentrate prior to being a smoker?
If you could go back to a time before being a smoker and make different choices, would you chose to be a smoker?

It is probably becoming clear to you that it is in fact the nicotine addiction that causes you to smoke. The reason you need to feel relaxed is because you are having a withdrawal ‘pang’, and this is the same reason for not being able to concentrate. Smoking is not a choice, or a habit, it’s a drug addiction.

Addiction is Physical and Mental

mind-boutique-quit-smokingThe physical withdrawal ‘pangs’ which feel a little like hunger can last for about three weeks. That is all.

The mental addiction is created by the physical. All of the times that you have smoked to relieve a withdrawal pang have been linked mentally (anchored) to the relief of the withdrawal pang and the situation you are in. Mentally you have linked the ability to concentrate, relax etc. to the relieving of a withdrawal pang by smoking. However if you weren’t having the pang, you wouldn’t need to feel relaxed. Once you have come to terms with the fact that the smoking causes the bad feeling, in order to ‘relieve’ it, the battle is an easy one. Once you realise that you are not actually ‘giving up’ anything but freeing yourself of a drug addiction, becoming a non-smoker is easy. As easy as the decision not to inject heroin if it is presented to you.

How can I help you or someone you value to quit smoking?

  • Simply call me to discuss the matter
  • Go to my smoking page for more information about quitting
  • Choose the right time to stop smoking
  • Get help and encouragement from friends and family

Please see the story of Bex by going to her case study

During my blogs I like to offer a book or an article for you to read around the subject matter or for you to share with a friend.

Today I urge you to read and share The Daily Telegragh link which gives valuable scientific fact about pregnancy and smoking.


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