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Meditation classes


I have been teaching meditation to my clients on a daily basis and previously held mini meditation courses at various corporate locations across London.

I have found the benefits of meditation for my clients are ;

  • Increased sleep patterns
  • More focus in their work and personal lives
  • Massive sense of well being
  • More control over their lives

The secret is in the actual first part of understanding and then personally refining the techniques that I will personally guide each client through to achieve a relaxed focussed meditative state.

My wish is that you will experience a practical meditation course which will lift the myths surrounding the experience and will become part of your daily routine whether it be consciously or otherwise.

All clients that I help will be presented with pertinent recordings and material to assist them discover more about meditation techniques and strategies

I will be rolling out the course via a webinar very soon so stay tuned.



About the Author

Tim Martin was trained by market-leaders in the field, Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler, using proven state of the art techniques that are very effective indeed. He is often referred to as a user friendly life coach, NLP practitioner and cognitive hypnotherapist. He voluntarily undergoes continuous professional development to ensure he uses the latest proven techniques. This blog is offered as a resource to all of his clients and to those in need of help. Enjoy!

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