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how to overcome a Phobia


While there are many phobias that many people are aware of, such as a fear of heights, a fear of flying, spiders, needles or even public places, there is no limit to what people can have a phobia of. It is possible to have a phobia of any object or occurrence and some people can suffer from a number of phobias. Some phobias are not serious but others can greatly impact on a person’s life.

Phobias are quite common with around 10% of the population said to suffer from some form of phobia. People from all backgrounds, social statuses, gender and age groups can suffer from phobias. There are many symptoms associated with phobias but common symptoms include breathlessness, nausea or dizziness. Many people are fully aware that their phobias are irrational and this is why they seek out professional assistance to help them overcome their phobias.

Tim Martin is fully trained and highly experienced in helping people overcome their phobias. Tim will help you establish what you have a phobia of, how you react to these phobias and the extent of your phobia. There are a number of treatments used to help people overcome phobias and Tim will determine which form of treatment is suitable for your needs. This means that every client receives a bespoke treatment aimed at helping them overcome their phobia.

Some of the most popular forms of treatment in overcoming a phobia are hypnosis, NLP and even Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). As each treatment is unique and taken on its own merits, it is impossible to say how many sessions are required to help a client to overcome their phobias. However, two sessions is considered to be the standard amount. Once treatment has been completed, on-going support and testing is carried out to ensure that a person has overcome their phobia.


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