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How to Beat Drugs

mind-boutique-how-to-beat-drugsWhile drug addiction is a common complaint for many people, it can greatly impact on your quality of life and of the lives of the people around you. However, even though the vast majority of people understand the negative impact that drug has on their lives; it can be difficult to beat drugs.

When it comes to beating drugs, the first step is always being committed to beating. If you are not fully committed to beating drugs, it is very unlikely that you will be able to. It is important that you are honest with yourself and you give yourself as good an opportunity as possible to overcome a drug addiction.

Once you know that you are committed to beating drugs, seeking professional assistance is a responsible approach. Tim Martin has great experience in assisting people defeat drugs and in providing drug users with the support and platform they need to change their life around. Tim can help in identifying the triggers that people have in their life which leads them to use drugs.

These can be different for different people but people, things, activities, places, emotions, dates, times and events are all triggers for people using drugs. Sessions with Tim Martin can help people come to terms with why they turn to drugs for support.

Tim can also help people to identify their relapse warning signs. Many people have changes in their attitude or behaviour that provides an indication that they are likely to use again. Tim has great experience in recognising these signs and in helping people to come to terms with these signs.

Utilising a range of therapy techniques, including CBT and NLP, Tim Martin can help clients to visualise better outcomes for themselves in certain situations. Being aware of triggers and sensing changes that increase the likelihood of someone taking drugs can help people addicted to drugs to break the cycle that sees them reverting back to drug use.


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