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How does Hypnotherapy Work?

mind-boutique-hypnotherapyAlthough there are many people that debate and doubt over whether hypnosis actually works, in the science community, there is no doubt about the fact that hypnosis works. The debate about hypnosis in the science community revolves around how it works. The British Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis suggest that hypnosis is a tool that assists people in making changes within themselves. A person under hypnosis is in full control, in fact, they are applying a greater focus to their thoughts and actions than at other times.

This is why the power of suggestion is much stronger when someone is under hypnosis. The role of the hypnotist is to assist in creating the environment where the person under hypnosis can take full control of the situation and their actions.

A number of important medical research papers, including “Medical hypnosis and orthopaedic hand surgery: Pain perception, postoperative recovery, and therapeutic comfort”, published in 1999, indicates that patients receiving hypnosis indicated notable decreases in anxiety, and the perceived affect and intensity of their pain. With many medical schools including hypnosis sessions in modules, there is a growing level of support for the use of hypnosis in medical situations.

This lends credence to the fact that hypnosis works and it can be of value to people in need of medical or emotional assistance. The biggest problem surrounding acceptance of hypnosis is the fact that so many people have developed a false image of what hypnosis is. The over the top and exaggerated forms of hypnosis are far from the norm and in the vast majority of cases, are not true.

Tim Martin is a fully trained hypnotist and has worked extensively with renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna. Tim is qualified, experienced and trained in this field and creates a relaxed and comfortable environment to assist clients. Hypnosis can be used to help clients uncover old memories or to focus on making positive changes to their behaviour and thought process.


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