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Divorce Therapy


I am very sad to announce that I am dealing weekly with more and more couples seeking divorce therapy. Or maybe I am becoming more well known by clients in getting them or their friends in a better place.

Having teamed up with three different solicitor offices I now have a great selection of specialised family lawyers that I am able to match my clients requirements with, whether it be international / children or finance speciality.

How will divorce therapy help you?

My focus is on ensuring ‘fair-play’ and keeping where possible the children in as much contact as possible with all parties. The actual services I specialise in here will not be publicly available and I strictly only take on a very limited and select number referral clients at any time such is the intensity of the work we will cover.


About the Author

Tim Martin was trained by market-leaders in the field, Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler, using proven state of the art techniques that are very effective indeed. He is often referred to as a user friendly life coach, NLP practitioner and cognitive hypnotherapist. He voluntarily undergoes continuous professional development to ensure he uses the latest proven techniques. This blog is offered as a resource to all of his clients and to those in need of help. Enjoy!

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