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Bespoke motivational recordings


So many people listen to my voice around the globe and as a result of ‘FAN’ requests I have been making personalised bespoke recordings for some time now……they are listened and enjoyed by sports personalities…performers on tour … mums to be during labour or stressed out executives in the work place my clients say that the benefits are……

  • Personalised vocal anchors / instructions that really resonate
  • Save multiple sessions
  • Really motivate and remind clients of their outcomes and goals
  • Act as a reminder for the personal bespoke steps or processes that I have taught them
  • They are there any time night or day

How they are produced

The recordings are recorded in either a professional recording studio or at the Harley Street clinic using professional ‘voice over ‘mikes’ and state of the art production software. Sometimes recordings are included as part of the session.

Choice of formats

The recordings can be dispatched in the following formats;

Mp3 (E mailed / downloaded) Bespoke memory stick and Cd.

Some recordings are transferred straight to your iPhone / smartphone where necessary.


About the Author

Tim Martin was trained by market-leaders in the field, Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler, using proven state of the art techniques that are very effective indeed. He is often referred to as a user friendly life coach, NLP practitioner and cognitive hypnotherapist. He voluntarily undergoes continuous professional development to ensure he uses the latest proven techniques. This blog is offered as a resource to all of his clients and to those in need of help. Enjoy!

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