I can help you.

Tim Martin at the Mind Boutique has a long and highly successful track-record that stretches back over 15 years. Through a combination of NLP, CBT and Hypnotherapy, Tim Martin’s clients feel stronger, calmer and more able to cope.

Not feeling anxious

“Tim is dedicated and results orientated. He takes the time you need.”

‘You can control Anxiety’

Dealing with divorce

“Tim helped me feel calm, focused and positive during a very difficult divorce.”

‘Make the pain less’

Gaining self confidence

“I feel stronger, more confident and in control, particularly at work.”

‘Find your Mojo’

Quitting smoking forever

“Tim allows you to feel comfortable and able to open up.”

‘Breathe easy now’

Overcoming depression

“Tim is accessible 24/7, which is great to know.”

Text here please

Flying without fear

“After my sessions with Tim, I feel I am capable.”

‘Fly free of Anxiety’

Life balance

‘Are you stuck at the crossroads?’

‘Breathe easy now’

Public speaking

“Now presenting magically”

‘Elevate your pitch’

Pass exams

“Now passing exams”

‘With Tim’s help I passed my final exams’

Techniques that I use...

Combining CBT with Hypnosis enables your neural pathways to establish new habits and banish stress anxiety and unwanted behaviours, there will be no stage nonsense or incense in my clinic. FIND OUT MORE >
NLP provides you with a means to make changes in your own life, including: Insights into how others think and behave, Dynamic personal change techniques and Advanced communication skills. FIND OUT MORE >
CBT is widely accepted by the NHS and BMA, as a proven approach to help people overcome fears and phobias, as well as a whole host of limiting behavioural issues such as stress and anxiety. FIND OUT MORE >
Together we will thinly slice issues using this amazing set of tools, you will be held to account and reach your desired outcomes fast simples. FIND OUT MORE >
People have busy lives, so these bespoke intensive 2 to 5 hours sessions look to enable you to quit smoking, fly with confidence and tear free of anxiety especially designed for you. FIND OUT MORE >
Your very specifically tailored recordings save many sessions and are a highly effective tool for you to reach your full potential in your own time and comfort. FIND OUT MORE >
Learning to meditate is a skill that will allow you to be in control in all manner of life situations , I will personally guide you to achieve this elusive ‘state’ where others have failed. (Soon to be available via webinar right in your office or home). FIND OUT MORE >
No matter how devastating the news of a break up together we can work on getting you back in control and in the moment ready to move your life forwards. FIND OUT MORE >

My clients are my greatest advocates