If you are not referred then my fees are £225 per hour for the first session.
For many years I have worked on the premise that my previous clients are my best advocates. I also work with many senior health consultants, GP’s and surgeons around Harley street to prepare their clients for operations or procedures.

If you have been refrred by one of the aforementioned groups of ‘friends’ or previous clients then you will only pay £150.00 an hour for my services.

I reserve the right to implement a £150.00 should a session be cancelled without 48 hours notice. On such an occasion 50% of that fee will be donated to my nominated charity; Great Ormond Street hospital for Children.
I will negotiate with you a fee for travel time and travel cost should you require me to visit your corporate office, television/media centre, training ground or private home.
I will negotiate with you for fees to prepare statements letters or other correspondence that is required.

Cost of Quit Smoking Session

As you can see from the quit smoking page this session comprises of up to two hours of quality hypnosis and other strategies that have developed all around your self. One script for all as sadly some therapists still practice simply is not effective.

Your investment in this session is just one fee of £475.00

Discounted Smoking Session

If you are referred by a medical practioner, therapist or a previous client then the fee will only be £365.