Exam busting


Exam busting – For all students

Whether you are taking a driving test, school exam or your finals at university or at ‘The Bar’ I can help you pass your exams without fear.

As with all things in life proper preparation is key. I often find students have “Study block” or procrastinate because actually no one took the time to show them how to study effectively.

So no wonder you procrastinate and find a you tube channel or social media as a way to divert the mind…

In our sessions together I will;

  • Evaluate your resources
  • Find out what the blocks are to your effective learning
  • We will discover your ‘learning style’
  • Teach you studying techniques that fit with your learning style
  • Create a learning strategy and dedicated revision program
  • Provide you with the necessary self help recordings
  • Design a ‘exam taking’ strategy so when you sit the exam you are less stressed and more focussed on passing the exam……

Especially for Junior Doctors and dentists

The OSCE Program

For many medical and dental students facing their final practical exams there can be a great deal of anxiety regarding the climax of many years studying. This can present a formidable obstacle for even the most confident and academic of students. I maintain active links with a number of medical schools and have helped a range of student Doctors and Dentists in training to overcome ‘performance anxiety’ through my OSCE Positive Mind Set Preparation Program

Using a range of proven psychological techniques, combined with practical confidence building role-playing exercises I have helped many people like you successfully overcome your final hurdle whether its your finals or the dreaded ‘OSCE’. Clients are often referred to me by qualified doctors,mentors and tutors to help their students through this concluding part of their training.

I am able to provide support, effective techniques and strategies for:

  • Controlling performance fears
  • Dealing with “White coat supervision anxiety”
  • Engaging positive mind set strategies to enhance performance
  • Improving the mind/body connection to improve knowledge retention under pressure

As an additional part of this Positive Mind Set Preparation Program, I will be able to supply bespoke self-help MP3 recordings for use when students are preparing for ‘Paces’ exams.