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Cognitive Hypnotherapy


What is cognitive hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a therapeutic tool that I use in a cognitive format, which allows the recipient to make long lasting changes in their sub conscious mind.

It’s not a mystic art, humans have been using it for thousands of years and as we have evolved our lifestyles have changed and brought other treatments to help us also.

Hypnosis is described as utilising a trance like state to manage our conscious and sub conscious minds. It’s the ability to induce a state within the brain that allows us to use information that we receive in a very powerful and productive manner.

The stages of hypnosis

  • Light stage of hypnosis called hypnoidal
  • Eye movements sometimes referred to as REM (Rapid eye movements)
  • Trance often called cataleptic where the eyes move from side to side
  • Somnambulistic a really deep trance

Do I need to go into a deep trance for this to be effective ?

Somnambulistic trance further explained

A clients expectation is sometimes to achieve Somnambulistic trance as it known to to be a deeper trance and they think that must be desirable state for trance to work. The fact is that this state can only be achieved by a few people depending on many factors. All forms of hypnotic are effective and in my opinion the skill of the hypnotist is to choose the state that works best for the client given the outcomes that they want to achieve.

Does Hypnosis work?

The media has sometimes shown hypnosis in an entertaining light which rightly has brought negative attention to the art. Shows such as and others depict very vulnerable people into dancing like chickens or acting abnormally, very entertaining to some not for myself as I have helped people to use this tool for themselves in a very effective manner.

This very effective form of therapy is now being offered as a module at medical school and is scientifically validated.

How are you qualified to hypnotise people?

My previous detective experience helps here as I used cognitive techniques for over thirty years to obtain histories and details of incidents when interviewing victims and witnesses.

I obtained a nationally recognised diploma after studying at Regents university. The diploma was both academically and practically challenging.

With the great mentoring of Paul McKenna I am able to distil years of experience and produce the very practical sessions with great outcomes for people today, it’s really my life calling and I love nothing more than to see a person in trance visibly transforming in front of my very eyes. I use cognitive hypnotherapy and sometimes there can be a time lag before the recipient realises just how powerful the treatment is.

I really want to help you to understand what hypnosis is so if you have any questions you can go to my FAQ page and find some more answers there or simply contact me and I will make time to explain further.


About the Author

Tim Martin was trained by market-leaders in the field, Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler, using proven state of the art techniques that are very effective indeed. He is often referred to as a user friendly life coach, NLP practitioner and cognitive hypnotherapist. He voluntarily undergoes continuous professional development to ensure he uses the latest proven techniques. This blog is offered as a resource to all of his clients and to those in need of help. Enjoy!

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