Mike’s Story

About this Case Study

Mike is a massive football fan, and although his home team is West Ham, he loves to watch football all over the world. He is an international business man, his fear of flying really restricted his working life.It was Time to change all of that…together we;

  • Mapped out his fears
  • Taught him NLP techniques and Self hypnosis to overcome his fear, and enjoy each flight experience
  • Helped him to adapt to a new breathing exercise, which he also uses to obtain great positive states when he goes to Yoga classes
  • Recorded him a number of tracks to accompany him on his numerous flights

My first session with Mike enabled him to tour around Africa during the world cup.

Sadly I have never been able to help Mike overcome the fear of seeing “The Hammers” lose at Upton Park! But I have helped him to not eat sugar any longer.

STOP PRESS; Mike sends me a post card from Buena’s Aires, Argentina following 11 matches and numerous internal flights in the country.

“Tim has enabled me to use the flying experience as part of my holiday. I now watch football all over the world. He has helped me give up sugar, and was there when I needed help to get promoted”



Client :

Mike, London

Issues :

Fear of Flying, Overcoming Anxiety, Giving up Sugar, Passing Interviews

Techniques :

Cog Hypnotherapy, Mentoring, Advanced Coaching NLP, Motivational Recordings
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