Maria’s Story

About this Case Study

Maria is a great personality who really embraces life and any opportunity it was a great surprise when meeting her just how deep seated her fear was …I really enjoy helping Maria as she grasps the concepts and strategies so well, she is really good at ensuring she completes the exercises that I give her. Maria is a client who is fantastic at going into a very deep trance really quickly. During our bespoke session we;

  • Mapped out her fears
  • Taught her CBT techniques to overcome her fear
  • Helped her learn a breathing exercise which she also uses to obtain great positive states when in the work place
  • Recorded her a number of tracks to accompany her on her numerous flights
  • Gave her a flight simulator experience and chance to fly in a four seater plane where she would take over the controls

With Tim’s help I can fly home to Brasil and see family and friends when ever I want to…he also gave me great advice and help to move to a job where I am really very happy…Tim’s so kind with his time too…”

Please take some time to view the video documentary I made which shows Maria taking control of a flight simulator and more….


Client :

Maria, Brasil

Issues :

Fear of Flying, Change of Work Place, Overcoming Anxiety and Fear, Networking Overseas

Techniques :

Flying Without Fear Breakthrough Session, Cog. Hypnosis, NLP, CBT, Motivational Recordings, Mentoring. Advanced Coaching
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