Josh’s Story

About this Case Study

Josh is a family man who has two young daughters and an extremely successful property company to run. He found that he was ‘snowed’ under with requests for his companies services, had other clients to service and was struggling to ‘please’ everybody.

This is a common issue that I grateful to be able to help my clients to overcome. Of course it’s easier to see solutions when you are not personally involved. So this is how I have helped Josh get into a much better state of clarity to run his life and business…

  • Showed him how to breathe clearly
  • We went through a process to obtain a positive state, I refer to as the   ‘clarity state’
  • We went through a mind map / board blast of his life requirements
  • We analysed his business requirements as above
  • Josh and I organised a bespoke system for him to run his life and business from a daily / weekly habit change routine

Josh still has quite a lot to achieve but his lovely family are so much happier to have their father / husband around who has time to joke and have fun again. Josh tells me his clients are happier as they feel his service has got that much ‘sharper…’


Client :

Josh, Hertfordshire

Issues :

Lifestyle balance, Overcoming anxiety, Procrastination

Techniques :

Hypnosis, Mentoring, Advanced coaching NLP, , Motivational Recordings
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