Jono’s Story

About this Case Study

Jono contacted me from Singapore via e mail and Skype, where he is a trader at a very well known bank. He was finding that he was “clamming up” when he was trying to give weekly briefings.

This was affecting his sleep patterns, and general work performance, as well as his professional reputation.

I found Jono to be a very intelligent, confident professional person. It was surprising to hear him speak so sadly, about his lack of performance during the most basic of ‘soft skill’ tasks.

I was able to conduct other sessions in the UK with Jono, on a pop over visit. After establishing a number of ‘emotional’ triggers, I set about crafting a hybrid integrative therapy solution during his ‘breakthrough session’. Where I helped Jono become a more confident speaker, by introducing him to my ‘presenting magically’ system. Jono now uses this on a daily basis, whether it be a team briefing or to present to the trading floor.

I also recorded a bespoke track that Jono uses daily to enforce and cement the work that we have done together.

A few ‘catch up’

Skype sessions and Jono is now being congratulated by his banking peers, and feels he is really making progress in his career.

“Tim has helped me in many areas. Now I feel very confident speaking publicly, even recently as a best man delivering a calm ‘Best man speech’for which I got a rapturous applause. The Skype ‘set up’ is really helpful too”


Client :

Jono, Singapore

Issues :

Fear of Public Speaking, Change of Work Place, Overcoming Anxiety and Fear, Networking Overseas

Techniques :

Skype Coaching, Presenting Magically, Cog. Hypnosis, NLP, CBT, Motivational Recordings, Mentoring. Advanced Coaching
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