Graeme’s Story

About this Case Study

Graeme’s life was going really well he gained promotion in a family hedge fund, and had just purchased a dream house with his wife of 11 years, and their two beautiful daughters in the countryside…Until that lunchtime when Graeme decided to pop home to surprise his trusted wife, and take her to lunch.Only to find her having ‘relations’ with a long time family friend in their breakfast room.

Yes, the material for soap operas I know, and very sadly I hear this type of scenario monthly in my clinic.

To top it all his wife declared that their marriage had been dead for some two years…News to Graeme..! plus that she was moving herself and their daughters the next week.

Having previously helped Graeme some years before, with a ‘fear of public speaking’, he called me that evening in tears, in a very desperate place as he could not tell another soul of his embarrassing situation.

He was so traumatised that he had seriously considered jumping on a train track that afternoon.

I was on a train when I got his call five minutes from home after a satisfying but very busy 12 hour day.

I turned straight back round, and together Graeme and I met at my office. Where I started my Break up recovery programme with him (The details of this service are under wraps for legal and competition reasons, so sorry, I cannot go into details here.)

In the weeks after the program started Graeme gained the following outcomes;

  • A good nights sleep
  • An arrangement of flexible working hours with his boss
  • A series of bespoke recordings to enable him to accept move on and remain calm
  • An amazing mediation meeting with his wife which enabled “How to tell the kids” and how do we save loads of heartache and lawyer fees
  • Access to my preferred solicitor and a fair and great solicitor for his wife
  • Shared access to the children and holiday arrangements equally shared and taken


Now Graeme has found a new lovely caring partner and is spending quality time with his two lovely girls. Finances are nearly sorted and Graeme has managed to stay in the dream house for now.

“Tim has been there for me at weekends, and when he has been on holiday. When I was desperately unhappy and overwhelmed in my life, he has a knack of getting through to you so that you feel elevated and motivated to get on with life, I now see my children very regularly and have just met the lady of my dreams”

Due to the very private and delicate nature of this study / testimonial it is not appropriate to publish Graeme’s photo.


Client :

Graeme, Glamorgan

Issues :

Dealing with a Divorce, Overcoming Anxiety, Panic Attacks
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