Dennis’ Story

About this Case Study

Dennis’s positive experience started when he broke free from cigarettes and then went on towards his goal of becoming a fellow of The society of professional photographers and a global Nikon photography judge Wow…

This is a very personal case study close to my heart as, for a change Dennis was not referred to me and he has amazing human energy, I met him in a café in Soho. At the time Dennis ran a studio which specialized in reproducing works of art this process has been declining over the years and there was less call for his amazing craft …time for Dennis to diversify. I worked with Dennis using hypnosis to help him quit and as you will hear from him on the short video it worked really well indeed… he still does not smoke to this day!

Dennis fears were previously;

  • What would he do with his time now?
  • Would it work long term as other methods had failed him ?
  • Would he put on weight ?

On the second session we firmed up the work around smoking and then concentrated on helping Dennis take control of his anxiety around his future.

Using accelerated coaching sessions and designing a bespoke lifestyle strategy Dennis is now devoting his time to his lovely wife, doing fun things and getting out and about as well as travelling around the world being paid by Nikon to judge a few snaps.

Stop press I had lunch with Dennis recently he has won a very prestigious life time achievement award by The Photographic society travelled and lectured in countless countries courtesy of Nikon…However he had a serious bike accident and was in a coma for sometime , on awakening he had many health issues to overcome and he states that the work and recordings that I made for him have been a huge source of help and inspiration…Well done Dennis ..keep snapping keep Nikon on their feet.

Hear some of the story yourself here…


Client :

Dennis, Berkshire

Issues :

Quitting Smoking, Change of Career, Overcoming Anxiety

Techniques :

Cog. hypnosis, NLP, Quick Quit smoking, CBT, Motivational Recordings
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