Bex’s Story

About this Case Study

Rebeccas’ positive experience when she broke free from cigarettes, and then went on towards her goal of competing in a London Triathlon event.

This determined lady was referred to me by Vicky, who has been a client for over 14 years, and pops in every now again for some career advice… Rebecca is a very busy single professional lady, working as an executive in a leading IT company in the city.Her work is extremely demanding, stressful,plus she was struggling with her health.

Rebecca is a very energetic woman and also very competitive. On receiving her pre booking questionnaire, it was easy for me to see what her motivators were and which bespoke methods would be suitable, to help her through to complete her big goal of the year, The London Triathlon…Her fears were

  • Failing and go back to smelling and feeling guilty (Her words)
  • Putting weight on
  • Not being able to complete The London Triathlon
  • Being motivated to train and eat in a smart way

The great news about Rebecca is she is very honest, and forthright, which really helped during our session, when I had to adapt the techniques to her mindset.

We transformed and ‘flipped’ her incredible energy to devotion to healthier foods, and smart exercise and although she had a few ‘calibration ‘ moments is on track to compete in this years London Triathlon…During her follow up support sessions, Rebecca told me that the money she has saved by not smoking is going towards her private swimming lessons,new clothes and posh gym fees…What a result…STOP PRESS Bex hands her notice in after 12 years at her IT company, and is about to embark on a new career….more details to follow

To see Rebecca’s video take a couple of minuets to watch this recent video.


Client :

Rebecca, London

Issues :

Quitting Smoking

Techniques :

Cognitive hypnosis, NLP, Quit smoking, Change of career, Achieving goals, Motivational Recordings
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