Ali’s Story

About this Case Study

Ali arrived from The emirates a short while ago in search of a career for himself, he previously had worked in the family real estate business but his passion is gaming. He decided to pop over to the UK and complete a degree in London learning how to design and produce state of the art video games. Unfortunately there was a lot of change in terms of culture / friendships / community and living conditions. Ali was not coping well with the change in climate and and with all of the other changes fell victim to the common issue of depression. I worked with his psychiatrist to provide practical solutions so that Ali could complete his study program and work through his depressioin.

Together we using my integrated therapeutic model we adopted the following strategies ;

  • An eating plan was agreed
  • A bespoke recording was made using CBT and NLP tactics so that Ali could change his mind state when he needed to
  • A socialization plan to integrate with his peers
  • Gym membership and a PT (Personal trainer) selected
  • Regular motivational sessions

Ali soon made friends with his colleagues and I was so so very pleased when he was selected by his tutors to lead a private game production unit / project that has now gone ‘commercial’ Ali lead the team from concept through to delivery and marketing the product. Not bad for a guy that was reticent to leave his apartment prior to seeing me.

Update; Ali is about to graduate he is searching for a internship work with a boutique video production company.


Client :

Ali, Emirates

Issues :

Overcoming Depression, Fear of Public Speaking, Change of Work Place, Overcoming Anxiety and Fear, Networking Overseas

Techniques :

Presenting magically, Cog. hypnosis, NLP, CBT, Motivational Recordings , mentoring. Advanced coaching
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